Good evening~

I was just outside,  in the dark of night, its quiet like the world was asleep except for me and my two dogs running in the dark grass ever looking for critters or something exciting in the corners of the darkness. I was looking up at a soft blanket of bright stars in an inky dark night sky, the tags on their collars telling me what corners they were exploring, the solar lights dimmed from the night’s glow and needing another solar re-charge to brighten them again, giving an eerie glow to the corners of the expanse of yard inside the cedar fortress like walls, the stones from my Stonehenge glowing in the darkness, just the shapes of the outline of the lighter stones. The air is filled, with a crisp snap and scent of fall, the air is a little cold but refreshing.

It gave me a sort of excitement, to be out there standing in the darkness, looking up at the all stars in the inky darkness, and thinking that, in a very short time my whole world will be different out outside with the coming of the blanket of leaves, and then the snows and that then “Witch Way Creek” will perhaps turn to a frosty ice rink, but tonight it was clear and crisp and beautiful and for some reason made me think of fresh picked apples.

Note to self: Fill the bird feeder.

Look to your surroundings and be present in the moment, I send my Blessings to you this day,


Z/n 2oo1 c.



  1. Beautiful your Silkyness(((: May you be warm and blessed in the coming nights and days..Blessings and love and warmth to you and your beautiful doggies n kitty(:

  2. I am in the moment..I shall go dive into some cool water in search of yummy treasures(:

  3. You’ve done an excellent job. It looks fantastic. I really need to get working on my site. Beautiful writing!!!

    • Thank you. :)) All of this is thanks to you. I hope it will inspire you to work on yours too. Hugs and love and magick always!!

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