Blessed Mabon!!!

Mabon can be thought of sort of as the Witch’s Thanksgiving. It’s harvest time and time for the turning and changing of the seasons and the wheel of the calendar year. Its our time to praise God and Goddess and give thanks for bounty and the abundance of the harvest a time of joy and celebration. We sweep our hearth and home and ready our house for more time spent inside as the seasons change brings the light less each day and leaves start to fall upon our walk, we ready house and home for our winter retreat and plan projects to do over the winter and put up our gardens bounty of herbs spices, fruits and vegetables from our gardens. The  broom or bessom and the corn dolly are the objects that signify this season that and seeds for next years crops. We decorate with our pumpkins out squash gourds and our house smells like spicy nut breads, and fresh vegetables are on our table and in our freezer. Time to make apple cider and ready the hot chocolate for the cooler nights on the patio taking advantage of the last nights outside on the patio watching the clear night time sky.

Enjoy each day and night as the wheel turns once again.

Till next time,


.Z/n 2011 c.